HitCoder's persona "John"

(icon by My wonderful boyfriend モカ)

HitCoder // NonstoP // John

21 | he/him | Programmer | Musician | Furry Artist


Hi, I'm HitCoder. You may also know me as NonstoP under my music production name, or as "John", which is my real name and thus what my friends call me.

I've been producing music for 5 years, working with vocal synthesizers for 4, and have been a Computer Science major since 2011. I am also a fan of anthropomorphic animals, as well as being a "die-hard sonic fan". Lastly, I occasionally enjoy doing the odd doodle here and there, though do not personally feel that my art is noteworthy.

I also have a slew of other hobbies and interests, such as headphones/audio tech, tea/coffee, playing games with my friends, and many other things I can't think of off the top of my head.


I have various types of comissions available, though not all of them will necessarily be open. I aim to keep the information here as up-to-date as possible with an easy-to-access array of information. With regards to knowing if comissions are open or closed, your best bet is checking for pinned tweets on my Twitter

Minecraft skins

I have minecraft skin comissions open as of current. The example skins are listed above. As showcased, I mostly specialise in creating skins of anthropomorphic animals, though am fully open to make characters that are not anthropomorphic animals.
I will not make skins of real people. Sorry.
Each skin will cost around $20, and will be discussed on a per-customer basis.

Mixing comissions

I will mix vocals into instrumentals for you, including (but not limited to) human vocals and vocal synthesizer vocals, for $20 per mix + $4 per extra vocal track (eg harmonies, adlibs) + $5 for extra effects (eg distortion, chorus, etc. can be specified or I can pick out the effects myself.)

Oto comissions

I will configure voicebanks for the UTAU vocal synthesizer tool at varying prices based on context.

CV: $3 per pitch
CVVC: $15 + 5 per extra pitch
VCV: $30 + $8 per extra pitch + 30% overall cost for added CVVC aliases
if you would like to double alias (romaji + hiragana) you will be charged 20% extra.

Arpasing: $0.06 per oto line or $0.04 per oto line for TUBS ASSSS reclists (if unsure, ask for more info)
HitCoder's CVVC reclist: TBA

Please contact me on Twitter for more info.


Personal twitter:@HitCoderfor most interactions (and can be used in place of both other contact methods)
Brand twitter:@NonstoP_VOCAfor music-related interactions
Email:[email protected]for business enquiries such as commissions